Stephen M. Shirley

                                               Attorney at Law





         Stephen M. Shirley first became a practicing attorney when he passed the Exam in 1969.  Family Law has always been a part of his calendar.  Mr. Shirley began practicing Family Law exclusively in the early 1980's, and became certified with the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a in 1985; Mr. Shirley is currently certified as such by the same body.


         Mr. Shirley is respected by the Courts and is often requested to sit as Judge Pro-Tem, on occasion has been appointed Minor's Counsel.


         We believe client communication is vital to both the success of your case, our office practice is to return all phone calls on the same day it is received.  However busy as things get, Mr. Shirley always has time for his clients, and usually returns their phone calls within a 24 hour period if not sooner.  Mr. Shirley is all business all the time, with 35+ years of experience in Family Law.  


         Currently Mr. Shirley is handling all aspects of family and matrimonial law matters, including dissolution of marriage, separation analysis, nullity, child custody and visitation disputes, guardianships, support, paternity, division and valuation of property, preparation of premarital agreements, post judgment modifications, District Attorney Support collection defense, and all other issues pertaining to domestic and family law.


           When choosing an attorney for your Family Law needs, be sure you have someone who is experienced in the area of law in which you are seeking counsel.  Make certain that your attorney has good communication with their clients, and that they are a Certified Specialist in Family Law.


Mr. Shirley has that experience, give us a call today, or fill out a Consultation Inquiry, and we will contact you for an appointment at your convenience.


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